No 1130 On-Ramp for July


Athletes, due to a large number of trainers out for the month of July, we will not be able to offer the 1130 On-Ramp class.  You are still welcome to attend the Tuesday 1645 On-Ramp class.  You may also attend the normal 1130 class, however the coach my have you alter the prescribed workout to suite you skills.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Skill Work – Muscle ups Program

3×10 Reps of
Hollow and arch swing
Hanging V hip extensions
Band assisted strict pull-thru

Front Squats
5 X 75%; 3 X 85%; 1 X 95%

AMRAP in 10 Mins
16DB/KB Pwr Snatch(20/12Kg)
(8L arm/8 R arm)
50 Dbl unders

Friday, 19 July 2014

Skill work – muscle-up prog

Clean – 8×2@80% 1RM, EMOM

For time
21 OH squat (95/65 lbs)
42 pull-ups
15 OHS
30 pull-ups
18 pull-ups

SSG Joshua Hager, United States Army, was killed Thursday February 22 in Ar Ramadi, Iraq. Our thoughts, prayers, and condolences go out to Josh’s friends and family. Fair Winds, Josh. (picture and information courtesy of CrossFit)

During this next two weeks we will be putting in some hero wods. Remember to do your best on these wods as the fallen hero’s that they are named after gave their best. It does not mean that you have to RX the wod but do what you can to honor these men who have served our country. The next one will be on Sunday.

We are getting a group of people together to do the “whole9″ challenge again….so far Allycat, SB, MC, LW and H&I are getting onboard…anyone else interested in joining us? It is better to do as a group that way there is more support and everyone can bouce recipies off of each other. See the link on the side of page for more information. It is a great way to “reset” your body and learn how to eat better in general!

Monday, 14 July 2014

Skill work – muscle-up prog
3 x 10 reps of
Hollow and arch swing
Hanging V hip extensions
Band assisted strict pull thru

Snatch – 8×2@80% 1RM, EMOM

For time:
Run 1600m
After running for 60 seconds,
do 10 push-ups and 5 broad
jumps. Start running for 60
60 seconds again. Repeat until
reaching 1600m. Broad
jumps are max effort jumps.

Friday, 11 July 14

Skill work – muscle-up prog

Snatch – 8 x 2 @ 75% EMOM

Rest no more than 3 min between
couplets. Complete each
couplet as fast as possible.
10 RFT
5 pull-ups
5 push-ups

10 GHD sit-ups
10 back extensions
(sub Abmat / supermans if req)

25 wallballs (20/14 lbs)
25 box jumps (24/20″)