Upcoming Events

there is a local 5k in Fort Walton on August 19 if anyone is interested in doing it (the registration form is on Active.com and the NWF runners website. It is the Josh Sprinkle Memorial 5k). A lot of the local cross country teams do it (I will be doing it with the kids I coach on the Niceville Cross Country Team), so it’s fun to see and run with the speedy kids. 

here are links to the Honor Games to be held in November (Veteran’s Day Weekend): https://www.breezescoring.com/EMERALDCOASTHONORGAMES

AND for the Josh Sprinkle Memorial 5k on August 19: http://www.active.com/fort-walton-beach-fl/running/distance-running-races/josh-sprinkle-memorial-5k-run-walk-2017

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