Wed, 8 Jan 2020

Silverback Primer
3 Sets Not For Time:
7 Kettlebell Turkish Sit-ups
:20 Dual Kettlebell Split Stance Iso Hold (Left)
:20 Supinated Grip Dead Hang
:20 Dual Kettlebell Split Stance Iso Hold (Right)
1st iteration (of 3) in this Wednesday primer. Set the baseline today.

Push Press
4 Sets of 6
Rest 2 Minutes Between Sets.
4th and final iteration of this cycle’s progression. Re-testing our cycle opener 10RM soon.

Strict Gymnastics
Strict Chest to Bar Pull-ups
Strict Deficit Handstand Push-ups

Directly Into…

Strict Pull-ups
Strict Handstand Push-ups (Floor)

*5 Minute Time Cap on Each

“Airplane Mode”
2 Rounds:
2,000 Meter Erg Bike
1,000 Meter Row
50 Wallballs (20/14)

Kilos: 9/6